The basis for the rich Riesling and powerful Pinot Gris

We proudly present our wine list. If you have any questions about flavour nuances and/or food-wine pairings, please feel free to ask me. Food and wine should complement each other and match harmoniously. Wine is my passion.

There is more philosophy in a bottle of wine than in all books put together. 


With culinary regards,

Mike Jacobs
sommelier restaurant Tout à Fait

Prices of Tout à Fait wine pairings

  • 4 courses 40 euros, designated driver 20 euros
  • 5 courses 50 euros, designated driver 25 euros
  • 6 courses 60 euros, designated driver 30 euros
  • 7 courses 70 euros, designated driver 35 euros
  • 8 courses 80 euros, designated driver 40 euros

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